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One could argue that the epitome of telecaster tone is embodied by none other than Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers guitarist, Mike Campbell. His simple, yet perfectly composed guitar parts are still sung proudly (and air-guitared) by millions. His unmistakable gravely sweet tone was only made possible with the ’51 Nocaster he purchased around 1975 when the Heartbreakers were in the studio recording their first album. Funnily enough, Campbell’s loaning of his strat to Petty during those sessions was the reason he turned toward his fabled Nocaster that would go on to help him compose such iconic guitar parts for some of the most popular songs of the 20th century and beyond.


From the bench of Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilder Dale Wilson, this Mike Campbell “Heartbreaker” Nocaster was limited to a run of 40 worldwide, and is one of the rarest Fender Custom Shop productions. Every inch of the original was painstakingly studied and recreated, from the nail scratch on the front of the lower horn to the soldering iron burn near the output. The back of the rift-sawn flamed maple neck is finish-free, making for extreme ease position shifting. The two custom wound telecaster pickups provide a veritable cornucopia of tele-tones. The neck pickup is characteristically warm, but provides a bit more treble-articulation than your average tele. The middle position is produces a clucky punch. The bridge pickup shines brightly and easily emanates the classic tele tone that can be heard in Campbell’s finest work. This guitar is this writer’s personal favorite out of all the Custom Shop telecasters on hand at Penthouse Guitars, and it will make a perfect addition to any Tom Petty—or Tele—fan’s collection.


This guitar is in factory-new condition and comes with the original hardshell case and all case candy.

2015 Fender Custom Shop Mike Campbell "Heartbreaker" Nocaster Telecaster

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