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Introducing a true collector's gem, the 2010 Fender Custom Shop Buddy Holly Tribute Stratocaster, limited to just 50 pieces worldwide—a homage to the legendary musician and a faithful recreation of the iconic original.


Buddy Holly's connection with the Fender Stratocaster is etched in history, and this tribute model captures the essence of his influence. Both of Holly's original 1955 Stratocasters may have been lost to theft, but the Fender Custom Shop painstakingly revives the magic, using period-correct materials, woods, and hardware to recreate the legendary instrument.


Key Specifications:

  • Off-Center Ash Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Maple Fretboard
  • Custom Shop '54 Pickup Set

In impeccable Factory-New condition, this guitar has seen minimal playtime since its creation. It comes housed in the original hardshell case, accompanied by all the original, still-sealed case candy—a treasure trove for collectors. Noteworthy inclusions feature a note signed by Maria Elena Holly, a two-disc set of Buddy's gold records, and a DVD interview with Maria Elena Holly, adding an extra layer of historical significance.


For enthusiasts seeking a piece of musical history, the Buddy Holly Tribute Stratocaster offers not just a guitar but a connection to the legacy of a music icon. Inquire for additional details or a closer look, and let this extraordinary instrument become the centerpiece of your collection. With its meticulous craftsmanship and historical tribute, this Stratocaster stands as a testament to Fender's dedication to preserving the legacy of timeless musicians.

2010 Fender Custom Shop Buddy Holly Tribute Stratocaster

SKU: G22
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