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Our Collection

As a lifelong music lover, Larry Castle always knew that the guitar was the greatest of all the instruments. Around 35 years ago, he embarked on a journey of amassing a collection that included custom shop wonders, high-end marvels, artist models, and vintage guitars, amps, and pedals. Today, his collection stands as one of the most exceptional assemblies of instruments in the United States.

Driven by a deep appreciation for the intrinsic value and historical significance of these guitars, Larry meticulously preserved a significant portion of his collection. Many of these instruments have resided in their original cases throughout their existence, with the accompanying case candy often remaining untouched, and in some instances, unopened. As a guitar connoisseur rather than an avid player, many of Larry's guitars experienced more playtime at the factory than they have seen since.

Mostly originating from limited runs, these guitars, found a new residence in their own penthouse suite with a panoramic view of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Collaborating with Kyle Buss, Larry established Penthouse Guitars, driven by their shared vision of making these exceptional instruments accessible to collectors, players, and guitar enthusiasts worldwide. 


Our mission is to extend the legacy of these guitars, ensuring they find appreciative hands that will revel in their unique charm for years to come.

Perry Boneyard Les Paul
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