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This Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett Flying V in Aged Ebony is an exceptional guitar designed in collaboration between the legendary Metallica guitarist and the pros over at the Gibson Custom Shop! The signature model captures the essence of Hammett's iconic playing style and delivers an aggressive tone that is ideal for hard rock and heavy metal.


The iconic Flying V body shape is instantly recognizable, featuring a sleek and aggressive design that allows for unrestricted access to the upper frets. Based on Hammet's favorite flying V and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the body and neck are constructed with solid mahogany, ensuring excellent sustain, rich harmonics, and a resonant tonal foundation. 


The Aged ebony finish adds a touch of vintage charm as the guitar is meticulously relic'd to replicate the natural wear and tear of the original, well-loved guitar. The aging treatment includes simulated dings, scratches, checking, and other cosmetic imperfections to give the guitar an authentic, road-worn appearance and feel. 


The mahogany neck is features a comfortable, 70s rounded profile that fits comfortably in the player's hand facilitating smooth and effortless playing. The rosewood fingerboard with classic dot inlays provides an effortless playing surface and easy navigation across the fretboard. 


Equipped with Hammett's Signature EMGs, this guitar delivers powerful and articulate tones that cut through any mix, making it easy to achieve that punchy, in your face sound that Metallica is known for!


As the aged-signed version of this limited run, this guitar has been signed and numbered by Kirk Hammett himself. The Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett Flying V is a true testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of the Gibson Custom Shop. It combines the vintage inspired aesthetics, aged detailing, powerful pickups, and Kirk's personal touches, making it an extraordinary instrument for people who are looking to Ride the Lightning and channel the spirit of Metallica's iconic guitarist! 

This guitar is in factory-new condition and has spent its life in the case, in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Comes with COA and original case candyl. The case may show minor signs of wear. Additional photos and video are available upon request. 


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2012 Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett Flying V

SKU: G267
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