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Waddy Wachtel is one of the “unsung” heroes of the guitar world, as his iconic work can be heard on countless albums from Warren Zevon, Linda Ronstadt, the Rolling Stones, and other spanning the latter half of the 20th Century and beyond. Selected from Stephen Stills’ collection in 1968, Wachtel’s ’60 ‘Burst became his No. 1 guitar that would be by his side for his enormous and impressive career.

We are pleased to present this Gibson Collectors Choice Waddy Wachtel ’60 Les Paul for your consideration. Gibson Custom Shop’s Collectors Choice run of guitars are some of the finest reproductions of vintage ‘Burst Les Paul’s ever made, and this one is no exception. The beautiful aged Lemonburst finish and unique Bigsby tailpiece give this guitar some serious badass energy and it sounds as unique as it looks. The CustomBucker pickups recreate the PAF tone to an incredible degree and provide you with a diverse collection of tones and textures at your disposal. This is truly a special recreation of one of rock music’s often-overshadowed session musicians who helped shape the musical landscape of the 20th Century.


This guitar is in factory-new condition and comes in the original hardshell case with all original case candy. Additional photos/video available upon request.

2014 Gibson Custom Shop Collectors Choice #14 "Waddy Watchel"

SKU: G79
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