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Unleash the soulful resonance of the blues with the Genesis DFW Pickup Set – the definitive choice for those in pursuit of the iconic SRV sound. Crafted with precision mirroring a legendary 2004 limited-edition "Number One" Stratocaster built by John Cruz (serial # JC 218), these pickups embody the essence of Stevie's unmistakable tone.

Immerse yourself in the rich, full-bodied guitar tones meticulously engineered to replicate all of the frequency nuances of SRV's actual guitar. The DFW set stands apart, faithfully recreating the sonic landscape with unparalleled accuracy. Unlike many "SRV style" attempts, each of the three pickups boasts distinct and loyal characters and builds, ensuring an authentic musical experience that surpasses the ordinary. Join the league of true blues enthusiasts and make the DFW Set your lifelong companion – a testament to craftsmanship and a journey into the heart of blues music.

Genesis Pickups DFW Set

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