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Named after the hometown of our favorite guitar hero, the “Fairfield” pickup set is a loyal reproduction of FCS’ 2010 limited release (83 only, worldwide) of the iconic “BLK-1” guitar.


Genesis utilized advanced scientific metering techniques and applied rigorous physics framework to reverse-engineer the pickups found in our BLK-1 subject guitar, serial # “JC1593”. 


This approach replaced the usual guess work done by many other previous attempts, where human ears were heavily relied upon to draw conclusions to a tone that is only subjectively “close enough”. The Fairfield pickups, on the other hand, are a high-fidelity replica set with exactly the same frequency responses across all positions, achieved by the same construction, same magnet formula and same coil parameters, quite objectively. We also included in the box an authentic wiring schematic of the limited edition guitar, which gives you even more confidence to accurately recreate the highly desired tone. 


All orders placed will be shipped immediately, as there will be no lead time. If you are looking for a left-hand set, please reach out to us and we can help arrange availability.

Genesis Pickups Fairfield Set

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